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for preschoolers

Awesomely original, creative fun for boys and girls ages 2 to 6. Kids choose outfits, colors and patterns by tapping and moving items on the screen. Boy and girl dolls are included. No ads, no score-keeping, no repetitious music, no makeup or immodest clothing. Kids focus on their task, show their designs to siblings or parents or save them to the photo album, then tap the arrow to start a new doll. Clothes snap into place so finger accuracy is not required. 

Dress-up is ideal for teaching touch-screen concepts to toddlers, kids with special needs, and new iPad users. The interface is super-responsive and simple. Kids see girl and boy dolls of all colors, wearing clothes any kid might wear.

Dress-up includes all the clothes from the free app Get Dressed, but includes more kids, superhero outfits, coveralls, ballerina.