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Verbal Me

prebuilt choice boards
for non-verbal children

This easy-to-use AAC and choice board app was designed by special needs teachers to help nonverbal kids participate in class. Users tap a button and the iOS device speaks the button text aloud in either a boy's or girl's voice. Screen choices include yes/no, alphabet, numbers, skip counting, opposites, bullying, getting dressed, using the bathroom, seasons, emotions, BINGO, body parts, animals.

By default, a toolbar across the top allows easy switching between screens and settings. Alternatively, educators and parents can change settings and hide the screen switching buttons so students focus on one screen.

Choose from over 80 prebuilt screens with colorful buttons and voices. Request additional screens or features using the feedback buttons on Verbal Me's settings screen or by clicking CONTACT US / SUPPORT at the top of this page.

Although not required, Verbal Me works with switch controls such as Ablenet's Blue2 (external link).

How to set up a Blue2 switch control with an iPad